Grow Your Own Stripper Funny Mini Gift


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Product Description

Home alone? Turn every night into strip club night with the incredible Grow Your Own Stripper Funny Mini Gift

Whether you’re desperate for a lapdance or you want to treat a mate to s virtual strip club experience, you’ll love the convenience of the Grow Your Own Stripper Funny Mini Gift, which lets you create your very own jiggling beauty to writhe and wobble her bits for you!

Ideal as a stag gift, a cheeky birthday present, or just as a hilarious novelty gift for any occasion, the Grown Your Own Stripper is a guaranteed giggle that will help any night go with a swing!

So if you’re looking for your very own tiny private dancer, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to own this lovely expanding lady, who will grow to 600% of her original size as soon as she’s immersed in water, then shrink right back down, ready for another day!

Get this amazing Grow Your Own Stripper Funny Mini Gift online today!

  • These Grow Your Own Toys measure approx 4.5 cm x 1.4 cm x 1 cm before you add it to water
    Will expand up to 600% in water
    Shrinks back to original size gradually once dry, but can be used again and again!